Thessaloniki Van Rental

Rent It Papas έχοντας ως γνώμονα τον εκσυγχρονισμό των υπηρεσιών της  και  τις ανάγκες  των επιχειρήσεων παρέχει πλέον και  τη δυνατότητα βραχυχρόνιας & μακροχρόνιας  μίσθωσης επαγγελματικών VAN και ελαφρών φορτηγών (έως 3,5 τόνους) σε όλη την Ελλάδα.

Για ενοικίαση επαγγελματικών VAN και ελαφρών φορτηγών κάντε κλικ εδώ


In order for the customers of “Rent It Papas” to receive a high level quality of services, our company would like to inform all customers that all information they give for a reservation is safe and our company will not get any of these information out of the company’s files.

Use of Information:
Information asked from a customer is: 1) information for registration for the lessee that chooses to become customer of the company. 2) information that is needed for an online reservation. 3) customer’s information necessary for a future company’s competition.
In any form of our website that concerns anything of the above it will be asked from you to give: Full name, address, postal code, e-mail, contact phone numbers, credit card numbers, methods of payment for the reservation. Also information about the receipt-delivery of the vehicle and for the receipt or the invoice that you may need. All the information above is used from “Rent It Papas” in order to have the right information to communicate with the customers for: 1)the right transaction and delivery of your reservation, 2)For the confirmation and identification of the customer, in case it is needed, 3)for information about new products and special offers of the company,4) for receiving gifts of any company’s contests.

Access and protection of your personal information.
All the information and Personal data that concers our customers remains strictly confidential and it is only controlled from the responsive department of “Rent It Papas” company. Registration of your personal data in any field of our website means that you agree for any use of it from “Rent It Papas” for the best services our company can provide.
Programmers of our website and staff of “Rent It Papas” always offer a high level security of your personal data, as it is declared in this Security statement of Personal Data. In no other case our company will not share or give your personal data without your consent. The only exception is when this is necessary from the Greek Legislation ant Courts.

Right for periodical changes:
Because of the continuous improvements and expanding of our products and services, the company has the right to change the present policy. Please visit and read the section that concerns the company quite often in order for you to be informed for any changes of the present company’s policy for customer’s personal data. Any modifications in terms and conditions of the present policy to the customer may occur without any previous warning to the users.

Rent It Papas company may use cookies in order to recognize a user and in order to have normal function of the applications, such as “content of basket”, language choise etc. Cookies are small text files that are stored to the hard disc of each user without taking information from any other document or file of the user’s computer.They are only use to be easier for the user to access certain services, for marketing reasons and for statistics. The user can set his browser in a way that he will not receive cookies, either completely, either case by case. In this case the user-customer can not have further access to the above services mentioned. Cookies are also used from other services that are included in oyr website: for example Google analytics, facebook, twitter etc. their policy for personal data may be different from our policy. Please be informed for this while using these websites.

While using “Rent It Papas” website and to be able to make a reservation but also to secure our ability to communicate with our guests, it will probably be asked from you to pride us information such as name, e-mail etc. Any personal data that guest provide to our site and our services will strictly be used from “Rent It Papas”, only to secure the right function of the service our customers use and is not permitted to be used by any other without following the law N.2472/97 reffered to the protection of the use of personal data as it applies each time. The website is operating according to the current legislation and keeps your personal data secured. Your personal data is only used from our website or other affiliated companies, with only purpose to support, promote and execute the transactional relationship. Data of the company’s files are shared to the competent judicial authorities, to the police authorities if they ask for them with a valid claim and each time under the current legislation. The guest has the right, within limits of legislation referring to confidentiality of phone calls, of information and objection according toarticles N 11 and N 13 of law N.2472/1997.

Rent It Papas company assures customers that in any case we DO NOT collect or gather information concerning customer’s bank accounts, credit card numbers and any other data that would cause financial damage or loss of company’s guests.

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