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Rent It Papas έχοντας ως γνώμονα τον εκσυγχρονισμό των υπηρεσιών της  και  τις ανάγκες  των επιχειρήσεων παρέχει πλέον και  τη δυνατότητα βραχυχρόνιας & μακροχρόνιας  μίσθωσης επαγγελματικών VAN και ελαφρών φορτηγών (έως 3,5 τόνους) σε όλη την Ελλάδα.

Για ενοικίαση επαγγελματικών VAN και ελαφρών φορτηγών κάντε κλικ εδώ

Terms and conditions for Rentals

Terms and conditions for renting a car

The driver of the vehicle should be at least 23 years old for all the categories besides the category V(Van), and L(luxury) for which the driver has to be at least 25 years old.

The driver has to have Greek driving license or a license from another country of European Union, or a National license issued for at least 1 year.

For the lease is required from the driver(or for the drivers if they are more that one) to provide his driving license, identity or passport. If the driver does not have all these, the lease can not be started. The driving license, the passport or identity should be the original documents, fax or copies will not be accepted.

Methods of payment
For the lease of the vehicle, a credit card number is always required, even if the renter has paid the whole amount in cash.

The lease of the car is calculated per 24hours, further delay will be charged as extra day.

A change in the reservation can only be carried out only with the company and it is implied that the price is possible to be different, according to the price list of the specific period.In case of cancellation 7 days before the delivery date, there will be no charge, otherwise the charge will be the 10% of the total amound of charge.

The operating hours of our office are 08:00-20:00.In case you need the delivery or the receipt before or after that hours it is possible to get an extra charge.

In case of early receipt before the last day of the reservation there will be no refund.

In case you need to transfer the car with a ship, a written authorization of “Rent It Papas” company it is needed.

In order to lease a car out of the boarders of Greece, a written authorization of “Rent It Papas” company is necessary.

The lessee of the car is totally responsible for any fine or penalty of traffic trespasses. Court costs and others expenses imposed on the Lessee due to illegal use of the car are concerning only and totally the lessee.

In case you choose to pay for theft protection, the vehicle is insured for theft or fire.In any case you should call the police and make a report of the incident immediately. Subsequently you should take a copy of the police report, the leasing contract and the keys of the vehicle to give them to the rental company. The theft insurance cover will not absolve the lessee for any partial theft or damage that was caused by an attempt of theft.(there is an amount for exemption of blame).The theft cover will have the same duration as the leasing of the vehicle of the rental company.For more details you can contact the company’s office.

This insurance covers the lessee for a total or partial loss of the vehicle. Nonetheless the lessee has to pay the liableness amount for any damage of the vehicle. This amount is 500€ for categories A, B, 700€ for categories  C, CD, FS, FC, 900€ for categories F, D, SW and 1300€ for categories L, V7, V9.

What is not covered:
Theft of the whole or part of the vehicle caused by negligence of the lessee , (for example if the key had been forgotten in the car, or the car had been unlocked).


  • For categories A,B is 3€/per day.
  • For categories FS, FC, C,CD is 5€/per day.
  • For categories F, D, SW is 8€/per day.
  • For categories V7, V9, L is 10€/per day.


What it covers:
In case any damage occurs to the vehicle of “Rent It Papas”, the lessee is covered for the cost of the repair. Nonetheless the lessee has to pay the liableness amount for the damage.This amount is 500€ for categories A, B, 700€ for categories  C, CD, FS, FC, 900€ for categories F, D, SW and 1300€ for categories L, V7, V9, even if it is not lessee’s fault. The liableness amount contains expenses for repair, stroring and loss of the ability to use the car. When “Rent It Papas” company will be recompensed will returt the amount to the lessee.

What it does not cover:

  • Damages that occurred from negligence or intention.
  • Damages that occurred from use of wrong fuel.
  • Damages that occurred from a default of contract’s terms and conditions.
  • Damages that caused to the lower part of the vehicle, on the rooftop, to the antenna and to the mirrors, the wheels of the vehicle, or while the car was on a ship.



  • For categories A,B is 5€/per day.
  • For categories FS, FC, C,CD is 7€/per day.
  • For categories F, D, SW is 12€/per day.
  • For categories V7, V9, L is 15€/per day.



The duration of lease has to be at lease 24 hours. Further delay of 2 hours, will be charged as an extra day.


  1. All renting prices include just insurance of urban liability.
  2. The lessee is responsible for any damage or theft(total or partial) of the motorcycle until maximum the amount of the commercial value of the motorcycle at the period of damage of theft.
  3. The lessee defrays the amount for the damage to the “Rent It Papas” company, even if it was not his culpability, and will be refunded when the company will be compensated.

The insurance cover is not valid when:

  1. After an accident the driver was proved to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Damages occurred to the vehicle, were caused because of driving to non-asphalt road.
  3. There are damages to the down part of the motorcycle, to the wheels and to the tires of the motorcycle.
  4. Accidents occur with a driver who was not registered to the contract of the lease.
  5. Accidents for which lessee did not inform the rental company “Rent It Papas”, or did not submit a declaration of the accident, as it is determined from the Greek legislation.

The amounts of any caused damage or loss of the motorcycle are immediately given to the rental company by the driver even if the lease is guaranteed by his credit card.In this case, the lesee is obliged to pay the whole amount of repair cost, or total replacement of the motorcycle.

The cost of fuels is exclusively charged to the lessee. The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as he received the vehicle. In other case will be charged with the amount of fuel that is missing.The driver is obliged to follow the constructor’s specifications for the vehicle, and full the tank with the appropriate fuel required.

Roadside assistance:
Free of charge 24hour roadside assistance all over Greece(besides a few islands).Tires, wheels and wheel rays of the motorcycle will be charged to the lessee.


Delivery and receipt of the vehicle can occur within the operating hours of company’s office.Except for operating hours and in holiday days delivery and receipt of the vehicle can only be arranged with the company and with a possible extra charge that is charged to the lessee. Receipts of vehicles can occur out of the company’s office after a contact with the company and with a potential extra charge for the lessee.


In case of cancellation of the reservation the deposit will not be returned.

All fines and law penalties are completely charged to the lessee.


General Comments:

  1. In special cases, “Rent It Papas” maintain the right to replace any type of vehicle with another type of the same category(or higher.).
  2. The photos of the vehicles in the website are indicative.
  3. All terms and conditions for the lease such as the price can change any time without a further warning.
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